I fence on sabre, a weapon going so fast that milliseconds can separate a hit from being valid or not! I play an active role in the Dutch fencing world and am currently the chairman of SchermCentrum Amsterdam (SCA). In 2016, I led the men's team to silver at the Dutch national championships, and am looking to improve on that...


SchermCentrum Amsterdam is the largest fencing club in the Netherlands, with 200+ members. SCA features youth to senior, recreational to Olympic, and foil to sabre to epee fencers.

As chairman of SCA, I am tasked with keeping the bigger picture in sight. Whether by supervising monthly projects, crafting policies or representing SCA on a national scale, I help SCA build towards the future.

Prior to fencing at SCA, I fenced at the Amsterdam Student Fencing Club Esprit (ASSV Esprit), which I chaired from 2014 to 2016.


I have been training with Daniel Nivard since 2011, and more recently been fencing under the tutorage of Arash Sheikh.