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A timeline of the world of fast radio bursts
David Gardenier | ASTRON | University of Amsterdam
23 May 2018
Title: Pulsar emission amplified and resolved by plasma lensing in an eclipsing binary
Authors: Robert Main, I-Sheng Yang, Victor Chan, Dongzi Li, Fang Xi Lin, Nikhil Mahajan, Ue-Li Pen, Keith Vanderlinde, Marten H. van Kerkwijk
Tags: progenitor, theory
Tagline: A black widow pulsar shows an increase in flux of up to 70 when the pulse travels through plasma left in the wake of a companion. Provides a neat explaination for the changes in seen in FRB121102.
30 Apr 2018
Title: The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts III: Polarization properties of FRBs 160102 & 151230
Authors: M. Caleb, E. F. Keane, W. van Straten, M. Kramer, J. P. Macquart, M. Bailes, E. D. Barr, N. D. R. Bhat, S. Bhandari, M. Burgay, W. Farah, A. Jameson, F. Jankowski, S. Johnston, E. Petroff, A. Possenti, B. Stappers, C. Tiburzi, V. Venkatraman Krishnan
Tags: polarisation, FRB151230, FRB160102
Tagline: Highest DM to date at ~2500 DM units. High degrees of RM too, but unfornutately little possible qua constraints on environment.
25 Apr 2018
Title: Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Katz, J.
Tags: review
Tagline: Short overview of the field, with a nice summary of the main points and open questions
17 Apr 2018
Title: Fast Radio Bursts and their Possible Neutron Star Origins
Authors: J.W.T. Hessels
Tags: review
Tagline: Short review of the field, with emphasis on FRB121102
6 Apr 2018
Title: Constraining Redshifts of Unlocalised Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Charles (Charlie) R. H. Walker, Yin-Zhe Ma and Rene P. Breton
Tags: pop-syn, dm, dispersion measure
Tagline: Investigating the influence of DM distributions on FRBs
Notes: Interesting look at the effects of different IGM and host DMs on the derived redshift. Unfortunately it doesn't include DMs expected from dwarf galaxies, but the idea is there. Argues for low-z sources to have significant contributions towards their DM from the host rather than from the IGM. Seems to generally suggest the redshift of FRBs are lower than what we might currently think.
4 Apr 2018
Title: On Detecting Repetition from Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Liam Conner, Emily Petroff
Tags: repeater, FRB121102
Tagline: How to observe FRBs to check whether they repeat
Notes: CHIME won't be good at detecting repeat bursts, would need follow-up with more sensitive telescopes for that
2 Apr 2018
Title: The CHIME Fast Radio Burst Project: System Overview
Authors: M. Amiri, K. Bandura, P. Berger, M. Bhardwaj, M. M. Boyce, P. J. Boyle, C. Brar, M. Burhanpurkar, P. Chawla, J. Chowdhury, J. F. Cliche, M. D. Cranmer, D. Cubranic, M. Deng, N. Denman, M. Dobbs, M. Fandino, E. Fonseca, B. M. Gaensler, U. Giri, A. J. Gilbert, D. C. Good, S. Guliani, M. Halpern, G. Hinshaw, C. Hofer, A. Josephy, V. M. Kaspi, T. L. Landecker, D. Lang, H. Liao, K. W. Masui, J. Mena-Parra, A. Naidu, L. B. Newburgh, C. Ng, C. Patel, U.-L Pen, T. Pinsonneault-Marotte, Z. Pleunis, M. Rafiei Ravandi, S. M. Ransom, A. Renard, P. Scholz, K Sigurdson, S. R. Siegel, K. M. Smith, I. H. Stairs, S. P. Tendulkar, K. Vanderlinde, D. V. Wiebe
Tags: survey
Tagline: Describes the settings of how CHIME plans to detect FRBs
19 Mar 2018
Title: Compact Binary Mergers and the Event Rate of Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: X. Cao, Y. Yu and X. Zhou
Tags: progenitors
Tagline: Tests event rates of various compact objects against FRB rates
Notes: Too soon to draw the conclusions they did in the paper.
16 Mar 2018
Title: FRB microstructure revealed by the real-time detection of FRB170827
Authors: W. Farah, C. Flynn, M. Bailes, A. Jameson, K. W. Bannister, E. D. Barr, T. Bateman, S. Bhandari, M. Caleb, D. Campbell-Wilson, S.-W. Chang, A. Deller, A. J. Green, R. Hunstead, F. Jankowski, E. Keane, J.-P. Macquart, A. Möller, C. A. Onken, S. Osłowski, A. Parthasarathy, V. Ravi, R. Shannon, B. E. Tucker, V. Venkatraman Krishnan, C. Wolf
Tags: FRB170827, structure
Tagline: First published frequency structure seen in a non-repeating FRB source.
Notes: Fact the it looks narrow in the orginal detection, but revealed with later analysis to show quite a bit of substructure makes it more likely that previous narrow band bursts also showed substructure. This in turn supports the case of non-cataclysmic events, as how would a single cataclysmic event provide multiple structures. The similarity to RRATs and the repeater make it potentially more likely that it's one population - this isn't mentioned in the paper, but definitely an interesting point. Also, while they do argue the exsistance of a 200kHz strcuture, it doesn't seem that evident.
9 March 2018
Title: Applying Deep Learning to Fast Radio Burst Classification
Authors: Liam Connor, Joeri van Leeuwen
Tags: mc
Tagline: Applying machine learning to FRB triggers to quickly filter through burst candidates.
Notes: Pretty nicely written paper (I am of course biased).
23 Jan 2018
Title: Fast Radio Burst Recipes for the Distributions of Dispersion Measures, Flux Densities, and Fluences
Authors: Niino, Yuu
Tags: population-synthesis
Tagline: Tries to show that the cosmic rate density history of FRBs is coupled to cosmic star formation history.
Notes: Looking only at non-repeating sources, Niino tries various fits for frbs. Without the numbers in terms of observed FRBs, and without taking observational effects into account, it will remain difficult to do so.
17 Jan 2018
Title: Electromagnetic emission from blitzars and its impact on non-repeating fast radio bursts
Authors: E. Most, A. Nathanail, L. Rezzolla
Tags: origin
Tagline: Suggests FRBs come from a supramassive rotating neutron star spinning down and collapsing to a black hole.
16 Jan 2018
Title: FRB121102: A Repeatedly And Marginally Combed Neutron Star By A Nearby Low-Luminosity Accreting Super-Massive Black Hole
Authors: Zhang, B.
Tags: cosmic-comb
Tagline: Another cosmic comb paper
11 Jan 2018
Title: An Extreme Magneto-Ionic Environment associated with the Fast Radio Burst Source FRB121102
Authors: D. Michilli, A. Seymour, J. W. T. Hessels, L. G. Spitler, V. Gajjar, A. M. Archibald, G. C. Bower, S. Chatterjee, J. M. Cordes, K. Gourdji, G. H. Heald, V. M. Kaspi, C. J. Law, C. Sobey, E. A. K. Adams, C. G. Bassa, S. Bogdanov, C. Brinkman, P. Demorest, F. Fernandez, G. Hellbourg, T. J. W. Lazio, R. S. Lynch, N. Maddox, B. Marcote, M. A. McLaughlin, Z. Paragi, S. M. Ransom, P. Scholz, A. P. V. Siemion, S. P. Tendulkar, P. Van Rooy, R. S. Wharton and D. Whitlow
Tags: FRB121102, rm
Tagline: Evidence the FRB source is in an extreme and dynamic magneto-ionic environment, with the short duration of the bursts suggesting a neutron star origin.
Notes: Such high RMs have only been observed around supermassive black holes. Observations match what one would expect from a accreting super massive black hole. Bursts could also be explained by a highly magnetized wind nebula or supernova remnant surrounding a young neutron star.
9 Jan 2018
Title: Time-domain astronomy with the GMRT: uGMRT to eGMRT
Authors: Roy, J.
Tags: survey
Tagline: Describes survey parameters of an upgraded eGMRT
9 Jan 2018
Title: A Fast Radio Burst Search Method For Vlbi Observation
Authors: Liu L., Tong F., Zheng W., Zhang J, Tong L.
Tags: survey-method
Tagline: Suggests a cross spectrum based FRB search method for VLBI observations. Imaging based?
3 Jan 2018
Title: Fast Radio Bursts: Superpulsars, Magnetars, Or Something Else?
Authors: Popov S., Postnov K., Pshirkov M.
Tags: overview
Tagline: Rough outline of the FRB field
14 Dec 2017
Title: On the Nature of Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Ya. N. Istomin
Tags: origin
Tagline: Tries to explain FRBs with a star orbiting a neutron star, and the star's surface being stripped off every orbit.
8 Dec 2017
Title: The Dispersion of Fast Radio Bursts from a Structured Intergalactic Medium at Redshifts z under 1.5
Authors: J. Michael Shull, Charles W. Danforth
Tags: dm
Tagline: Coupling sources of dispersion measure to detected FRB dispersion measures.
15 Nov 2017
Title: Enhanced Rates Of Fast Radio Bursts From Galaxy Clusters
Authors: Anastasia Fialkov, Abraham Loeb, Duncan R. Lorimer
Tags: population-synthesis
Tagline: Coupling FRBs to very young, or very old stars and seeing whether you would see difference in FRB detection rates around clusters
Notes: Not necessarily an easy paper to follow. Six models are considered, following standard candles and different Schechter functions. Also the lower limit on the luminosity is varied in a number of ways. A flat FRB-spectrum is assumed. Following SFR or mass doesn't seem to matter as much as the faint-end slope of an FRB luminosity function.
14 Nov 2017
Title: Fast Radio Bursts - implications and future prospects for Fermi
Authors: Manisha Caleb
Tags: overview
Tagline: Not that much too do with Fermi, but a nice overview
Notes: Hilarious how the number of known frbs change - ranges from 24 to 30 to 38 frbs in different parts of the paper.
30 Oct 2017
Title: FRB event rate counts I --- Interpreting the Observations
Authors: Jean-Pierre Macquart, Ron Ekers
Tags: parkes
Tagline: Uses fluence distributions of FRBs at Parkes to argue for alpha being approx. -2.6 (+0.4 -0.6)..
Notes: Argues fluence is the most useful parameter for which to compare FRBs. Will be interesting to see how the nine ASKAP bursts will compare to the nine PARKES bursts. Second paper should talk about the cosmological distribution, luminosity function and evolution of FRBs. They argue not to use the beam-corrected fluence in comparisons, but uncorrected version as only high S/N events would be able to be corrected. Also argue that due to discovery bias, the Lorimer burst should be excluded from the sample. They have concerns about multibeam detections, and that they introduce a bias as you search around a single beam detection in the hope it turns into a multi-beam detection.
30 Oct 2017
Title: ALFABURST: A commensal search for Fast Radio Bursts with Arecibo
Authors: Griffin Foster, Aris Karastergiou, Golnoosh Golpayegani, Mayuresh Surnis, Duncan R. Lorimer, Jayanth Chennamangalam, Maura McLaughlin, Wes Armour, Jeff Cobb, David H. E. MacMahon, Xin Pei, Kaustubh Rajwade, Andrew P. V. Siemion, Dan Werthimer, Chris J. Williams
Tags: survey, arecibo, alfaburst
Tagline: No frbs detected in 518 commencial hours (>3 weeks), where at least two are be expected.
Notes: The titchy bandwidth and beam size may help explain the non-detections. They also use a standard candle for estimating frbs rates, which helps increase their expected detection rate.
23 Oct 2017
Title: VOEvent Standard for Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Emily Petroff, Leon Houben, Keith Bannister, Sarah Burke-Spolaor, Jim Cordes, Heino Falcke, Ronald van Haren, Aris Karastergiou, Michael Kramer, Casey Law, Joeri van Leeuwen, Duncan Lorimer, Oscar Martinez-Rubi, Jörg Rachen, Laura Spitler, Amanda Weltman
Tags: frbcat
Tagline: Upgrade to frbcat allowing for automatic detection triggers
Notes: Comes with a nice parameter table explaining the columns of frbcat.
Title: The observed properties of Fast Radio Bursts
Authors: Vikram Ravi
Tags: population-synthesis, parkes
Tagline: Tries to improve measurements of Parkes FRB parameters
22 Aug 2017
Title: A search for optical bursts from the repeating fast radio burst FRB 121102
Authors: Hardy, L. K.; Dhillon, V. S.; Spitler, L. G.; Littlefair, S. P.; Ashley, R. P.; De Cia, A.; Green, M. J.; Jaroenjittichai, P.; Keane, E. F.; Kerry, P.; Kramer, M.; Malesani, D.; Marsh, T. R.; Parsons, S. G.; Possenti, A.; Rattanasoon, S.; Sahman, D. I.
Tags: FRB121102, optical
Tagline: Paper describing search for simultaneous radio and optical bursts. None found.
Notes: 13 radio bursts found, but no optical counterparts. The upper limit for the optical burst fluence lies around 0.046 Jy ms. Broadband spectral index of the burst emission must have an alpha<-0.2.
17 Aug 2017
Title: The SUrvey for Pulsars and Extragalactic Radio Bursts – I. Survey description and overview
Authors: Keane, E. F.; Barr, E. D.; Jameson, A.; Morello, V.; Caleb, M.; Bhandari, S.; Petroff, E.; Possenti, A.; Burgay, M.; Tiburzi, C.; Bailes, M.; Bhat, N. D. R.; Burke-Spolaor, S.; Eatough, R. P.; Flynn, C.; Jankowski, F.; Johnston, S.; Kramer, M.; Levin, L.; Ng, C. van Straten, W.; Krishnan, V. Venkatraman
Tags: survey, parkes
Tagline: Superb survey paper
24 Jul 2017
Title: On the Possibility of Fast Radio Bursts from Inside Supernovae: The Case of SN 1986J
Authors: Michael F. Bietenholz, Norbert Bartel
Tags: SNR
Tagline: FRBs from Type II SNe/SNRs unlikely to be visible till 60-200yr after explosion
22 May 2017
Title: The Detection of an Extremely Bright Fast Radio Burst in a Phased Array Feed Survey
Authors: Keith Bannister, Ryan Shannon, Jean-Pierre Macquart, Chris Flynn, Philip Edwards, Morgan O'Neill, Stefan Osłowski, Matthew Bailes, Barak Zackay, Nathan Clarke, Larry D'Addario, Richard Dodson, Peter Hall, Andrew Jameson, Dayton Jones, Robert Navarro, Joseph Trinh, James Allison, Craig Anderson, Martin Bell, Aaron Chippendale, Jordan Collier, George Heald, Ian Heywood, Aidan Hotan, Karen Lee-Waddell, Juan Madrid, Joshua Marvil, David McConnell, Attila Popping, Maxim Voronkov, Matthew Whiting, Graham Allen, Douglas Bock, David Brodrick, Francis Cooray, David DeBoer, Philip Diamond, Ron Ekers, Russell Gough, Grant Hampson, Lisa Harvey-Smith, Stuart Hay, Douglas Hayman, Carole Jackson, Simon Johnston, Baerbel Koribalski, Naomi McClure-Griffiths, Peter Mirtschin, Alan Ng, Ray Norris, Sarah Pearce, Chris Phillips, Daniel Roxby, Euan Robert Troup, Tobias Westmeier
Tags: FRB170107, askap
Tagline: First detection of an FRB in a phased array feed
Notes: Burst found within 3.4 days, and shows a fluence of approximately 58 Jy ms. Sharp cut-off around 1400 Mhz.
29 Mar 2017
Title: The first interferometric detections of fast radio bursts
Authors: M. Caleb, C. Flynn, M. Bailes, E.D. Barr, T. Bateman, S. Bhandari, D. Campbell-Wilson, W. Farah, A.J. Green, R.W. Hunstead, A. Jameson, F. Jankowski, E.F. Keane, A. Parthasarathy, V. Ravi, P.A. Rosado, W. van Straten, V. Venkatraman Krishnan
Tags: FRB160317, FRB160410, FRB160608, utmost
Tagline: First detection of an FRB with an interferometer
Notes: Measured FRB rate is twice as high as expected from Parkes rates. Potentially FRBs have a steeper spectral index than suspected?
20 Mar 2017
Title: Lensing of Fast Radio Bursts by Plasma Structures in Host Galaxies
Authors: J. M. Cordes, I. Wasserman, J.W.T. Hessels, T.J.W. Lazio, S. Chatterjee, R. S. Wharton
Tags: plasma, caustics
Tagline: Argues plasma lensing could explain the brightness of FRBs
Notes: Magnifications of over 100 could be possible. Explains the repeater fairly well.
9 Mar 2016
Title: Are the distributions of fast radio burst properties consistent with a cosmological population?
Authors: M. Caleb, C. Flynn, M. Bailes, E. D. Barr, R. W. Hunstead, E. F. Keane, V. Ravi and W. van Straten
Tags: population-synthesis, parkes, utmost
Tagline: First FRB population synthesis paper
Notes: Uses a Monte Carlo simulation to compare an FRB population with a constant comoving density and one which follows the cosmological star formation rate density. Determines you need at least 50 FRBs detected with Parkes before being able to distinguish between the two. The paper only models simulated detections of FRBs at Parkes and UTMOST.
2 Dec 2015
Title: Dense magnetized plasma associated with a fast radio burst
Authors: Kiyoshi Masui, Hsiu-Hsien Lin, Jonathan Sievers, Christopher J. Anderson, Tzu-Ching Chang, Xuelei Chen, Apratim Ganguly, Miranda Jarvis, Cheng-Yu Kuo, Yi-Chao Li, Yu-Wei Liao, Maura McLaughlin, Ue-Li Pen, Jeffrey B. Peterson, Alexander Roman, Peter T. Timbie, Tabitha Voytek, Jaswant K. Yadav
Tags: FRB110523, guppi, gbt
Tagline: First FRB detection at low frequnecies (800 MHz)
24 Nov 2015
Title: Five new Fast Radio Bursts from the HTRU high latitude survey: first evidence for two-component bursts
Authors: D. J. Champion, E. Petroff, M. Kramer, M. J. Keith, M. Bailes, E. D. Barr, S. D. Bates, N. D. R. Bhat, M. Burgay, S. Burke-Spolaor, C. M. L. Flynn, A. Jameson, S. Johnston, C. Ng, L. Levin, A. Possenti, B. W. Stappers, W. van Straten, C. Tiburzi, A. G. Lyne
Tags: HTRU, survey, parkes, FRB090625, FRB121002, FRB130626, FRB130628, FRB130729
Tagline: Five new FRBs discovered in the HTRU high latitude survey
Notes: Implied rate of approx. 6000 per sky per day. One of the FRBs shows a two-component profile. A single high-energy event such as a NS merger can not easily explain that, giving slightly more support to repeat models.
2 Nov 2007
Title: A bright millisecond radio burst of extragalactic origin
Authors: D. R. Lorimer, M. Bailes, M. A. McLaughlin, D. J. Narkevic, F. Crawford
Tags: FRB010724, parkes
Tagline: Paper detailing discovery of first frb, the Lorimer burst
Notes: 30 Jy dispersed burst, less than 5 milliseconds in duration. No other bursts found in 90h of observations. Found during a survey with the Parkes Multibeam receiver.
12 Nov 2001
Title: The Parkes multi-beam pulsar survey - I. Observing and data analysis systems, discovery and timing of 100 pulsars
Authors: R.N. Manchester, A.G. Lyne, F. Camilo, J.F. Bell, V.M. Kaspi, N. D'Amico, N.P.F. McKay, F. Crawford, I.H. Stairs, A. Possenti M. Kramer, D.C. Sheppard
Tags: survey, pmsurv
Tagline: Survey paper for PMSURV